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This collection of short remembrances are in no particular order. These are some of my defining experiences and thoughts that helped me quit picking at my scars and start healing. I hope you can relate to some of what I share. This isn’t about how bad my life has been, or how severely I was hurt, and later hurt others. This is a release of information and perspective.

When I initially framed out my negative experiences that really had a lasting impact on my life, I was stunned that I had sixty three different instances. It was upsetting seeing it all out there like that. Listed like a grocery list, I found it sobering and humbling to realize that was the first time I’d actually taken inventory of everything all at once. It almost overwhelmed me. Still, I realized we all have our stripes to bear, and here are a few of mine I am willing to put out there in hopes to show you aren’t alone. You aren’t crazy. You aren’t making a big deal out of nothing. Abuse hurts. Physical, emotional, and sexual. They hurt, and the damage can last a lifetime and continue on through the victim when trying to avoid the pain.

Please help it stop. Even if just with you.

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