When I was younger, I used to be part of the Scouts. It was fun and I learned a lot of things about camping and all that. I of course said the Oath which had to do with duty to God. Actually God comes first before your country and yourself. That sounds like something a suicide bomber lives by, but I digress. I ended up quitting before I could be kicked out for being an atheist. This organization claims to teach things like respect, honor and morals. Yet they forbid any atheists, gays, lesbians, transgender,or bisexual people from joining. That makes no sense at all. Here is a quote from their OWN WEBSITE:
Q. May an individual who openly declares himself to be a homosexual be a volunteer Scout leader? A. No. The Boy Scouts of America is a private membership organization; leadership in Boy Scouting is a privilege and not a right. Boy Scouts believes that homosexual conduct is not compatible with the aims and purposes of Scouting and that a known or avowed homosexual does not present a desirable role model for the youth in the Scouting program. Boy Scouts will continue to select only those who meet Boy Scout standards and qualifications for membership.

Q. What allows the Boy Scouts of America to exclude atheists and agnostics from membership?

A. The Boy Scouts of America is a private membership group. As with any private organization, Boy Scouts’ retains the constitutional right to establish and maintain standards for membership. Anyone who supports the values of Scouting and meets these standards is welcome to join the organization.
Okay I will agree they are a private organization. Except for the fact they recieve PUBLIC tax funding! They hold meetings on government land for next to nothing. You can't be both. If you want to be a private organization, you can't get any government help. And this whole wave of discrimination is actualy a new thing. Only around the 1990s or so did this really begin in full force. The Mormon church actually has a huge vested interest in scouts. I read they have upwards of 400,000 scouts they sponsor. Some of this bigotry comes from the Mormon values. I am not saying that all your local scout places practice all the rules either, I'm sure some of the troops out there stand by the original merits of scouting and would let an atheist child join. It's sad that such a great organization is marred by such evil. I think its impossible to be teaching "good" morals while at the EXACT SAME TIME teaching children bigotry and hatred are okay.


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Comment by LaRae Meadows on August 21, 2009 at 4:50pm
Yup. Bigots. This is a conflict with my husband. He's an eagle and an atheist.



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