Boy Scouts Discrimination Against Gays & Atheists

After happily signing a petition to Intel that they quit funding Boy Scouts due to their policies against gays, I thought "Hey, what about us atheists?!"  My fear is that the BSA will relent on their anti-gay stances, and then everyone will forget about the fact that you have to believe in the supernatural to be a leader or boy scout.  I'd like to see both policies get dropped at the same time.

It's good that the petition was successful, though, and there may be some good news for atheists.  Here's one link to the story.  There is mention in that story that "prospective recipients of Intel grants will have to sign a statement confirming that they do not discriminate based on creed or sexual orientation, and any groups that cannot do so will be ineligible for funding."  Since they mention "creed", does that mean that Intel will not fund them until they admit atheists, too?  In other stories and quotes, I never saw the word "creed" used.


(As an aside, I was a Webelos den co-leader at one time, but when they asked me to sign the application where I had to say I believed in god, I declined.  The reply from the troop leader was "Ok, don't worry about it.  We won't file the paperwork."  It saved me $45 application fee as I recall.)

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