Apple is blocking flash on the iPad and iPhone according to Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe.

No big deal...we can live without flash right? Its just annoying. Well, the real issue is WHY Apple is blocking flash. Its clearly because allowing developers to build apps in flash would mean they could build outside the tightly controlled "App store" and have some independence.

This is only the beginning. Once millions of people are using the iPad, Apple effectively would control all music, movie, book, and game distribution, creation and delivery of all media.

This means, potentially, that Apple could block movies that didnt pay a special "apple tax", or block news programs critical of apple, or force mandatory "upgrades" for continued use of the apps.

The scary part about the iPad is it puts their locked iPhone OS 1 step closer to the mac OS, and could conceivably replace the mac OS eventually, meaning all mac users would be totally under the control of Steve Jobs and Apple. Talk about a reversal from the old apple "think different" ad in 1984.

The more you use your iPhone/iPad, the more you support a world where choice and freedom are eliminated, and replaced with governership of Apple, controlling all media, information, news, government messages, social networks, etc. because they control the hardware, the distribution, the storage, the access, the network...

so I'm calling for a boycott until Apple straightens up and flys right...respects our freedom and supports open standards and open development on their latest devices.

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Comment by ryan cameron on February 3, 2010 at 9:15am
Thanks for the link Felch. Good to see some people are mobilizing on this. It seems so obvious. All companies do this, but consumers need to soundly beat them over the head when they attempt these kinds of evil moves.
Comment by Ian on February 3, 2010 at 8:13am
The electronics world is awash with this sort of exclusionary action. I object to the fact that there is a regional code on DVDs. Why shouldn't I be allowed to play a DVD I legally bought in Asia on my US DVD player?

The Mickey Mouse extension of copyright law has made billions for big corporations and very little, if anything, for individual authors and artists. The copyright laws should be brought in line with patent law - 20 years from the date of application and then the work is in the public domain.

Rant, rant, rant.

But I have an iMac and find it works a lot better than any PC's that run Windows, so perhaps I have some tiny amount of consumer leverage if I complain to Apple about the lack of Flash on the iPad and iPhone.

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