I'm not introverted. I have a big personality and can take over a room in 5 seconds. Not in a bad way. I like making people laugh and I am a storyteller. Seriously, people will stop what they are doing and make their way to where I am to listen. A lot of people say its my voice. People constantly say I sound like Seth Rogen, but I digress. I am outgoing, I have a lot of "friends" but really only one Friend. I tend to keep people at a distance. Not because I fear people but I just don't make my circle bigger than is necessary. I also find myself at odds with the people around me. I am not one to spare feelings unless I see the true necessity. The truth is simpler. People tend to respect that but, I think, they don't always want that in their life. They want ear ticklers. I see the truth as an act of compassion but I'm not altruistic so you get it how I give it. The thing is, I want more friends. True friends. The kind you grow old with. The kind that you have annual beach vacations with. The kind where your families and lives are so interlocked you truly are Family. I'm good at making "friends", I suck at making Friends.

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Comment by Čenek Sekavec on November 27, 2013 at 3:44am

For me the concept of capital F Friendship really involves the willingness to become emotionally invested in that other person. Like you, I keep people at a distance. I haven't yet deeply examined why this is. 

Comment by Jason Crowell on November 26, 2013 at 10:26pm

Yes, I do get some of those and this past year had a big blowout with some family about my opinions on my fb page of all things..MY page. haha. Honestly, even atheists can be this way. Many people just assume that you think the same way they do on all sorts of things from the mundane to the more "important". So, even there I find myself at odds. I don't personally need friends that carry the same opinions on a given topic in order to be close and comfortable with them. In fact, I think it can make for deeper relationships because we are more likely to actually discuss things further to understand. You know those late night conversations that carry into the morning without realizing it. Unfortunately, it seems most others do need to be around people that are exact copies of themselves in order to be comfortable.

Comment by Michael Penn on November 26, 2013 at 1:24pm

I can identify here. The problem is that once I became atheist I realized that all of my "friends" are living in a fantasy world. Some of them I've known since childhood and every now and then they sense a change in me, and ask me questions to see if I have that same fantasy that they do. It makes my life today very tricky.



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