Brilliant 25 Lecture Series on Behavioral Biology by Robert Sapolsky and a couple of Neurologists

I have been viewing this series of lectures and the information has been not only Extremely Interesting, but overwhelmingly useful in my understanding psychology of both Animals and Humans.

I recommend these to anybody who has the time to view them.

Or they can pick just the subject in which they are most interested.

Such as I didn't realize that a species of birds has Theory of Mind.

I've known for years that apes have this ability.

I never knew that:

Apes can do Numerosity and Transitive Thinking.

Many species have developed Flexible Cognitive Strategies.

Plus a whole host of good basic knowledge of Genetics and Neuroscience is covered as well.


I especially find this sort of information useful when debating against Theists and Creationists on various websites, such as

You may be able to spot my debates there.

I've encountered a lot of Creationists there and even the less Functionally Intelligent, End-of-Times Evangelists.

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