so I get it, the world changes, people change and come and go... but whats that one moment that you would go back to? That one sunny afternoon and stairy filled sky night. Why is it that we never really know what we have until its slipped through our weathered fingers. the conversations that shape our choices to come and while enjoying the company we have no idea that impact that someone is about to have on us or I, on them. The little things that we take for granted, how come hind sight is so much more clear. I want so despritely to have the breath stollen from my lungs and get caught up in " a moment". To know at that moment that from then on a little piece of me will be different. I want to be devoured in a little piece of time and come out gasping for a clean breath of air, and when I do, see that lights that the world has to offer.So today I wish for you to see exactly where your at and not a moment ahead or behind. I want all of you to enjoy this beautiful fall day and enjoy the life that you have been blessed with.

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