BRUTALLY HONEST: It's The Abuse, Not The Use, That's The Problem

After a seven-week break, heeeeee's baaaacccckkk!!!

Who's back, you ask?

Why none other than my buddy - The Brutal One - David 2 and his weekly BRUTALLY HONEST on-line commentaries!!!

David begins his 16th year of on-line commentaries about what's going on in the news, in society and life in general today with a look at extremism and how it relates to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement. It's got some good advice (and criticism) for both sides:

As always, your thoughts and opinions are more than welcome, either here or on David's page. Comments left here will be forwarded to David, who thanks everyone here for reading and giving their thoughts.

In addition, David's weekly Internet radio program - also called BRUTALLY HONEST - returns in a NEW day and time on ShockNet Radio - 8 ET/5 PT Mondays beginning TONIGHT! Like ShockNet's signature program, American Heathen, you can tune in at the link provided OR by way of the FREE Apple iTunes player under Radio and Classic Rock. And you can interact with the show by way of the LIVE chat room - just click on Chat at the ShockNet site, then select Brutally Honest from the drop-down menu, type in any screen name you wish and click on Connect. It's that easy!! Hope to see you there and hope you tune in tonight!

Here's the ShockNet link:

And here's what David will be talking about on the season premiere tonight:

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