BSG Finally WTF!? (Contains spoilers)

The first half was good (despite Bultars speech) however the second half.

Kara (using Hereas drawings as coordinates) finds earth (our earth, the other one was a different earth) but they find it one hundred fifty thousand years ago. And they find humans on the planet. Humans that evolved independently from the Colonial humans (they came from Cobol).
The Colonials and the Cylons rebels get to earth and what do they do? They decide to abandon their culture, their philosophy’s, their history and their technology and become primitives! And this was the plan of the shows god(s?).
What the fuck? I mean really, what the fuck?
The ending would have been better if every one died (and it would have fit the show).

Heres how it should have ended (according to me), every thing was good until they jumped away from the Cylon colony, Heras coordinates should have took them to a habitable planet that was not earth. The humans and skin jobs colonise it, the centureians move on find their own planet, evolve and become human. Then (after Roselin died, Kera move on blah, blah, blah resolution (which was done well in the finally, that part was good)) they then show the future where its all happening again, twice (to descendants of the centurion and Cymans/Hulons)

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Comment by Joshua Dolan on March 21, 2009 at 7:54pm
I thought it was a fine ending even though this whole last season just felt rushed as a story. (Maybe the DVDs will have deleted scenes.) I didn't think their Gods plan of smacking them back down to technological nothingness was all that bad and to me proved the point that humanity never learns. Instead of taking a moderated and well thought approach to balancing the perceived evils of Cylon tech with their existing systems they just say "well that didn't work so throw it all out!" Same goes for their culture that lead them there... by trying to run from it, again, they are dooming themselves to repeat it.

The compatibility of species between the decedents of Kobol and the proto-humans on Earth, well... eh, it is Science Fiction after all. Suspend disbelief for a bit and I was alright with it. Besides, if having humanity repeat these lessons over and over is the plan, then why wouldn't some higher power like that described in the show control the evolutionary process on Earth to make them compatible? It doesn't do much for me as an Atheist, but in the context of the story I can read that into it.

Cavil blasting his brains out was great through. That whole battle was awesome. Though I had a feeling that Adama would use Galactica as some sort of ram a couple shows back when they were first talking about how completely f*cked her hull was.

The montage of robots at the end reminded me of this: HRP-4C

"Her" body even looks like one of the late model Centurions!
Comment by Lorien on March 21, 2009 at 4:11pm
I stopped watching the new BSG series a while ago but watched the last episode. It was not very good at all. The original series was much better.



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