I am atheist from a Muslim community, and living in a Muslim community and country too, I would say that building a mosque in general anywhere is evil, and in a particular place is the evilest, because mosque is not only for worshiping as some people guess, and like other worship's houses of other faiths, it is a headquarter or a kitchen for cooking so many decayed meals against humanity or humanists, freedom; personal or general freedoms, against those who live in America and don’t follow the Muslim faith and against those descending from Arab races and don't believe in Islam. (Arab non-believers), against liberal people too. Thru mosque, Muslim clergy monitor and watch the behavior and acts of Muslim men and women who don't follow or adhere the strict Islamic rules, for example; those who have girl/boyfriends, go to discos or bars or parties, mingle with boys or men, or women. Women who don’t wear or undress (hijab) veil or head scarf, or don’t cover their bodies fully, those who don't pray, those who behave and dress freely like non Muslim Americans.
In case of finding or noticing such cases, they threat those women or men secretly, and press on them and on their families using all powers they have. They receive large amounts of money from Saudi Arabia, and some other Muslim and Arab countries. Yemen sends large numbers of secret islamists extremists who work as spies, thus they carry out those tasks. Mosque is an eye for many many things. Quranic verses command true Muslims to spread islam and the name of allah all over the world by any means; using all their rescores including their souls blood , lives, finance or money, as well as their estates, properties and possessions whatever they are ,and launch a continual religious war against those who don't believe in Mohammad and his religious rules ,in addition to the local arab non-believers or atheists for the sake of Allah and his prophet mohammad, it is religious commands on the shoulder of muslims cannot be dropped down. There verses in quran urges true muslims to fight non-muslims and locals who don't believe in islam or atheists anywhere , any place ,and any time by their souls, heir lives, and their money entirely and by building mosques, as mosques would be the kitchen of supposed war.
Mosque works as a violence-inciting source; directly and indirectly, explicitly and secretly, it works as a successful brainwash lab. They incite people and those who are so fanatic and youth thru prier’s speeches and thru the repeating of offensive quranic verses which urges violence murder of those who they name them the enemy of Allah and Islam. Mosque works as a successful tool of collecting huge amounts of money from inside and outside the country and from all categories of socities, especially traders. It works also as a good tool for distributing that money to those who work as terrorists self-bombers, murderers ,and violence and threat performers, spies who monitor or watch places where bombing or suicide operations or killing would occur. It spread social and intellectual backwardness, ignorance, wrong social and religious conceptions about unbelievers and about non Muslims, at the same time, it keeps ordinary Muslims in permanent alarm and thinking how to eradicate those who don’t share them their faith; or who have other faiths or none. Mosque is the source of all types of evil, it heats and despises atheists strongly and incites of killing them plainly. It is a real danger against free thought, intellect, liberalism, irreligion, rationality, naturalists, humanists, etc… it urges for religious dictatorship and tyranny. They insist on building the mosque in zero ground because the have evil aims.

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Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on August 30, 2010 at 11:39am
You really need to get out of there. Yemen sounds horrible. A person shouldn't have to live in that kind of fear. It sounds like Islam is where Christianity was in the middle ages. I am more fully seeing why my liberal Muslim friends fled Afghanistan for their lives back in the 80s. My old friends are not like the Muslims you know. The women do not wear face veils and cover their hair. They wear the same clothes American women wear, although, they do wear long sleeves year round and long skirts. Several of them have masters degrees and PhDs. Most of them work outside the home and do not make their children fast during Ramadan. One of my good friends even let her daughter believe in Santa and took her to see Santa Claus at the mall.

We do have some of those extreme types, but I think they are probably a minority. It's a whole different world over here in the West. I wish you were here to enjoy the freedoms we do and I believe everyone should enjoy.
Comment by muhab samer on August 30, 2010 at 10:36am
Grace, thanks for your comments, firstly, The defeat of the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan, cooked and supported heavily in/by mosques. Huge amounts of money collected by mosques around the world particularly, in the Islamic and Arabic area, people, men and women provided all their possessions to support the warriors of God Allah and Islam that time. Mosques succeeded in seducing, luring and gathering extremely huge numbers of youth especially in Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. and sending them there. The country is full of them right now, but they are hidden and their activities are reduced temporarily. Mosques managed to blackmail most of states around the world huge amounts of financial assistances, in particular, the western countries. Now they are rich and entirely have the ability to launch war against liberal, irreligious, etc. people here. Thy use that invested money for the domination and the control of all grades of schooling; kindergarten, primary, pre.,secondary, secondary, and so on fully. They use mosques for inciting people regularly secretly and explicitly on Fridays speeches or sermons against unbelievers, irreligious and non Muslim nations; (they urge plainly and pray God to eradicate them and get them a prey for Muslims). Mosque’s men (clergy) threaten those public who are not found in mosques at the time(s) of priers. Islamists in Yemen spread their members and get them penetrated deeply among purples, staff teachings and curricula. In schools, institutes, and universities. We are in deadly, vital, and bitter struggle, strive, combat and counter with them. Our children are terrified and live in horror and terror, because of the Islamic teachings, sermons, and preaching concerning Grave torture, and Hell torture after death. Women are entirely and completely covered with black dresses and isolated and separated from men and even women. If a very small spot appears of a woman’s body or even a one single hair of her hair is shown or appears, that considers a big deal and that women severely being violated and rebuked by others considering such doing is against Allah and Islam and that woman told and threatened, that she will be in hell forever tortured their painfully and hung inside the deepest position of hell (burning and fire) by her hair.
Now in Ramadan, children in the age of 4, 5,6,7,8, and above are forced and obliged to fast and prey more than 5 times a day (evening prier , so many priers) and keep sitting inside mosques partly , preventing themselves from food and drink for a full day starting at 4.pm till 6.15 am.
Such doings are against childhood, child-rights, human-rights, humanity, rationality, child health. We are totally living, “death in life”, “fully religious life” under that barbarian, brutal, savage, merciless deserted irrational religious laws.
Comment by Dean Smith on August 29, 2010 at 9:37pm
Not that long ago the imam spearheading the building of the community center (that contains prayer rooms, making it a mosque in the same sense that a hospital containing a chapel is a church) a little farther away from ground zero than the other mosque that's been there since the seventies was on FOX being presented as 'one of the good ones'. The most dreaded of all Muslim sects is behind this: The Sufis. They get in your head, man. I haven't heard of Sufi terrorists, before.

If they have bad intentions, I trust the FBI to have a spy or two among them to keep track.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on August 29, 2010 at 7:32am
In America, we have religious freedom. If we stop these folks from building a community center a few blocks from ground zero, because the christian religious right hates muslims, then all of our freedom to practice or not practice religion comes into question. Muslims are actually a very small and heavily monitored section of our population. You can rest assured any mosque or Muslim community center built here in the US would be closely watched by state, local and especially federal law enforcement.

I was friends with many Muslims during Sept and afterwards. I saw almost all of my friends dragged in and questioned by the FBI - sometimes for a few days. My friends came to the US seeking asylum from the persecution you are talking about for being liberal Muslims. My own phone and email were tapped for a year or two because of my friendship with Muslims and involvement in the peace movement.

Being Muslim in the US is to live under a microscope. If a person dresses in the required Muslim style, they will be heavily watched not only by law enforcement, but by everyone else as well.

Often when Muslims come to the US, they dump a lot of the restrictive lifestyle they lived under in the Middle East. Women find they like driving, having jobs and doing almost all the same stuff American women do.

We have laws and protection of civil rights here in the US that you do not have over there. People can practice religion however they like as long as they obey all the other laws of our country.

As far as spreading Islam and proselytizing goes, we are already inundated with Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, tv preachers, street preachers, billboards, shoot we are preached and proselytized to all the time. I have people coming on my door with their Jesus mumbo jumbo every week - sometimes several days a week.

Christians are doing the exact same things as Muslims. I have a neighbor with a gun collection and plans for the big one. This scares me. We have christians who think of themselves as "holy warriors" who believe in religious war and the violent spread of their religion. I think they are a minority, but they are there and they have also committed many acts of terrorism killing people within the US as well.

Frankly, I am a lot more afraid of the Christian Religious Right trying to do all the things you mentioned in the US than Muslims. There are vastly more atheists than Muslims in America and we aren't that big of a group either.

If they build this community center in New York, you can rest assured they can just plan on dozens of religious right freaks protesting at their doorstep every day and lots of attention from law enforcement. Believe it or not, oftentimes these crazy zealots who would do harm are turned in by their fellow Muslims. Oftentimes, Muslims in the US are here, because they want to get away from the kind of insanity you are talking about. They don't want to live under restrictive Islamic governments and deal with all the crap that comes with it.

Believe it or not, these very same christain weirdos who show up at my door are showing up at theirs too - inviting their kids to church, offering food, handing out pamphlets and generally being annoying. And there's many, many more of them than there are of Muslims.
Comment by Earther on August 29, 2010 at 6:48am
Did you see that AP video recently about the woman who worked in Saudia Arabia as a maid and was tortured with hot nails and needles skewered into her arm?



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