For those of you who worship in the so called house of the's a message to dwell on!..I;m not going to ask the stupid questions like..CAn u see God..or Or can u touch him/it?..though these are all legitimate questions that you probably would give back a half ass answer to..its okay for now....However can you truly read from any book and not think that there are huge amounts of exagerations in its contents.....I mean give me a break...."the clouds parted and then there it was a charriot of fire streaming through the sky"...yet people don't belive in the easter bunny or santa claus...Why is that? choose to believe words that people like ourselves have written in your good book without conceiving in any fallacies...who said that we were born into sin? about we were born and shit we are all gonna die and go to the same place..THE EARTH..DUST!..i know people must and cannot comprehend that it ends there, they must feel that they need to still post exist....WHat bullshit!!...IF your god really existed..then he/it knew what would of happen before he placed us here on earth..and if so he could have changed that..afterall isn't he the merciful one...listen!..i'm not knocking any one's belief..just posing some real questions.....we look at picture of a man made picture and we bow to it...we light essence and candles around these non living shrines of this so called god!....yet evolution have shown us that DNA(genetically) we are 99% structured anatomically like that of cimpanzees...and this is proven science!..yet it is ignored!..why!....oh i forgot this so called god must look like you and i....every year scores of various people claim that they saw this so called "Christ"..hmm well what is he ..Chinese....Indian....White....Black....these groups have all had apparations!..strange huh!.....Listen HE does not exist! get a grip!

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