Cain, Abel and a dysfunctional father

I used to be in a christian cult, and recently I had to reread a section of genesis to get my facts straight and I was surprised. I haven't read it since before my deconversion, I can't believe I didn't see the things I see now, well I do believe because I was told there are not contradictions so I read it from that view point. It's horrible to know these are the moral lessons people are being indoctrinating with, the divisiveness, breaking up of families the violence, murder, genocide the sexual indiscretions, incest, rape; and this is all in genesis.

I was doing some thinking on the story of Cain and Abel, I have several problems with it from a moral and mental health perspective. I will try to break it down as sibling competition, dysfunctional family values, immature passive aggressive father figure.

The idea that god accepted Abel's sacrifice because it was a lamb and didn't accept Cains because it was grain is mean, tyrannical. The idea that god didn't give an out for Cain by telling him just give Abel your sacrifice for a lamb and I will accept that, a win win win situation, god wins because he gets a worthy sacrifice and avoids the murder of Abel, Abel wins because he gets some quality grain and keeps his life, and Cains wins because he remains worthy in gods eyes and doesn't become a murderer.

Of course this argument is of no concern to us Atheists, but when I comes to theists bringing up their "superior morality" it may be fun to poke holes in their argument with some sound thinking.

The stories in the bible are twisted and mentally unsound, they promote unhealthy relationships and foster division.


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