California Just Keeps Getting More Disappointing Every Day ...

I can't believe an editorial like this would take a prominent spot on the editorial page of the Sacramento Bee ...


The secular left claims we are evolutionary accidents who managed to crawl out of the slime and by "natural selection" stand erect and over millions of years outsmart our ancestors, the apes. If that is your belief, then you probably think health care should be rationed.


The unnatural progression for many on the secular left is to see such a person as a "burden." In an age when we think we should be free of burdens – a notion that contributes to our superficiality and makes us morally obtuse – getting rid of granny might seem perfectly rational, even defensible. But by doing so, we assume an even greater burden: the role of God in deciding who gets to live and who must die. Anyone who has seen the film "Bruce Almighty" senses how difficult it is to play God.


I'm amazed at the hateful ignorance of this prominent columnist and an unable to reply in a civilized manner.

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Comment by Jim DePaulo on August 15, 2009 at 6:04pm
Actually, crawling up out of the slime I find to be a better option than being plopped down without a belly button by some psychopathic cosmic joker.
Comment by Louis on August 15, 2009 at 1:36am
Your first mistake was thinking the Sacramento Bee was worth the paper it's printed on.



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