Call for submissions!

Gomorrah Magazine is the upcoming literary journal devoted to supporting a positive secular lifestyle. Written by atheists for atheists, the journal is for all you wonderful secularists who are actively working to make the world a better place. We are looking for timeless material beyond the banal drivel Facebook and YouTube are filled with. The form and content of the submissions is very open. We love the random, the inspiring, calls for activism and contrarianism, parodies, satires, maker suggestions, art, poetry, comics, science, secular nonprofits rocking the boat, cocktail recipes with great names, advice for raising young freethinkers, and the generally weird and unexpected. While this is an atheist journal, we’ll publish a range of subjects that appeal to a secular audience, even if they are not directly dealing with the subject of atheism. What we will not publish are rants, poorly-documented nonfiction, complacent or totally depressing things, memes, things anyone can find with five minutes on Wikipedia, or truthiness. To paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, we shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material we are looking for, and perhaps could never succeed in intelligibly doing so, but we’ll know it when we see it.

How to submit

All submissions should be original and previously unpublished prose, poems, or artwork, emailed as an attachment to ACQUISITIONS at BANSHEECREATIONS dot COM in richtext (.rtf) format. Any graphics should be in a low-resolution .jpg; we will ask for a larger resolution image if we are interested in publishing it. I’m not going to be incredibly picky about length, just make sure the length is appropriate to content. Ideally, 2000-4000 words, but longer or shorter will also be acceptable. Please take time to make sure your document is in Chicago Manual of Style format, cited (if applicable), and will be just as enjoyable to read ten or twenty years from now as it is today. In your cover letter also include a brief biographical note including previously published works and qualifications (if applicable). Also, please include your email address and mailing address.

Compensation (or lack thereof...)

Gomorrah Magazine is to be a labor of love. For the time being, all aspects of its publishing will be on a volunteer basis so we won’t be able to compensate you for your submissions. It is, however, a good chance to see your name in print and to be part of the phenomenon of positive secularism. Even if we can’t pay you, Gomorrah Magazine will remember its friends and will have as many perks along the way. Together we’ll make Gomorrah Magazine an exciting new literary journal and use it to improve the secular experience. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Cliff Hansen

Publisher, Banshee Creations

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Comment by Gomorrah Magazine on July 13, 2012 at 2:06pm
There's going to be a September 1st deadline for the first issue. Judging by the quality of what we've seen so far, it's going to be great!

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