Camp of the redeemer and miscellaneous bird brains

I saw something a while back about this jesus camp thing and although I never took time to watch it, I did see a recorded episode this evening. Too bad my husband's 16 year old son is planning to work with them for the summer, I hate that the inlaws are "pretty much okay" with him going there at his age. They are a Pentacostal group but barely even so anymore. So I can only hope the hocus pocus doesn't take over his body and mind but he quietly assures me it's the free bed, free meals and a change of pace he's really looking forward to and I think maybe he'll milk it for this alone. Knowing that Becky character, I may have to do a little hocus pocus of my own on him when he gets back to us. I'll be calling him often!

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Comment by K. Walker on June 23, 2009 at 10:57pm
Good move staying in touch over the summer months - sounds like he will be fine. Fear not.
Comment by PigDiesel on June 23, 2009 at 6:16pm
In my experience in a LDS Boy Scout troop, I found that being around that nonsense just pushed me further along towards free thought. When I came home from meetings or summer camp me and my friends would laugh and joke about it. It seems that he is thinking rationally enough of about the free ride I wouldn’t worry too much.

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