Can We Have Political Power That Rivals the Extremely Religious

Just read the story of Jonestown and the mass suicide and murder involving over 900 people and over 200 children.  A lot of stuff bothers me about that story

The political power wielded by a small group in San Francisco to strong arm people trying to expose problems with Jim Jones is scary and disheartening.  Atheists need to come up with some equivalent political machines that rival the ones the fervently religious are able to mobilize.  My local paper was highlighting a story on how the extreme religious right in Israel emboldened by their political power is expressing their intolerance more frequently. (An eight year old girl was spit on and taunted on her way to school).  

I am not knocking on doors to support a political candidate like the disciples of Jim Jones did. Although I have made a small monetary donation to this cause, I am not going to give up all my possessions in support of the cause like the Jones crew did.  

Hopefully something useful can be achieved by uniting atheists over the internet. The first step would be educating all the religious people that atheists are not bad people and that it is wrong to discriminate against them based on their orientation. Removing the prejudices that prevent an otherwise perfect candidate from holding office because of atheism would be a noble social accomplishment.

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Comment by Russell Pangborn on December 30, 2011 at 11:33am

That is a good point Sandi.  Divided we wield no power at all. Up here in Canada the voting for our National government is about 60% Liberal and 40% conservative.  Because the 60% vote is split between NDP, Liberal and Green Party the 40% vote wins and sets a conservative agenda for the country. Just likes the Liberals here need to find common ground, atheists need to simplify and unite so they do not live in countries that tilt toward illogical policies.  

I see you are from Texas and feel for free thinking Texans about how some schools are being turned into Creationist forums.  My vote can't help you there, but it will certainly be exercised here in Ontario if there is a push like that up here.

Comment by Sandi on December 30, 2011 at 10:37am

I think half the problem is that like everything else, we get separated into different departments, like atheists, humanists, free thinkers, realists etc etc. and like the different religions we all have ideas though based on the same stance, they all branch off each other. I personally hate labels and being labelled but unfortunately it is unavoidable.

We need one common stance and that is atheism. Atheisms alone is what we all really stand for and this should be our sounding board. Just plain old atheism. I would like to see it NOT broken down into segments. You are either an atheist or you are not.

For a change I would like it to be kept simple. I mean look at all the different religions there are. It is hard to tell what these people believe in half the time, but we all know that we don't believe and that is what should be 'our common ancestor' so to speak.

Atheists Rule!

Comment by David W on December 28, 2011 at 7:03pm

"The first step would be educating all the religious people that atheists are not bad people..." HA! Good luck with that one. Atheism seems to be synonymous with rapists, devil worshipers, baby killers, etc.. We need money, but how do we get it and who the hell do we give it to? I'm hitting the drink at the moment, so whatever I ust said may not make any sense, but I think it does. Oh, it doesn't help our cause when we resort to calling believers idiots, or pointing out that they are, in fact, idiots. We need some philanthropists to give to organizations like the FFRF or something. We aren't organized, but that's what keeps us free thinking, or thinking freely. I don't know, going for another round before the wife takes away the bottle.

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