Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says "Islamicism biggest threat to Canada" & Tony Blair says "Iran is our Real Enemy"

It is refreshing to see that our northern border ally has too come to see the true threat facing humanity in the 21st century. It is also refreshing to see the visionary and bold former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom taking a clear stance against the illegal regime of the Islamic Republic - especially since he has strong influence with the Quartet - I am feeling more and more confident that the international community will soon stand more firmly with the Syrian people in assisting with their liberation and that this will trickle down to Iran when Iranians rise up en masse in approximately 2-years during their next round of fake Presidential elections when the people can use it as an excuse to spill in the streets - I have included both articles below:

TONY BLAIR: Iran Is Our Real Enemy

Adam Taylor | Sep. 9, 2011, 8:15 AM

In an interview with the Times of London to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair says that Iran is the real enemy.

He told the British paper:

“Regime change in Tehran would immediately make me significantly more optimistic about the whole of the region...”

“If Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons capability it would destabilize the region very, very badly.

“They continue to support groups that are engaged with terrorism and the forces of reaction. In Iraq one of the main problems has been the continued intervention of Iran and likewise in Afghanistan.”

Blair also said he approved of regime change in Syria. In his view, President Bashar Assad "has shown he is not capable of reform. His position is untenable. There is no process of change that leaves him intact.”

Harper says 'Islamicism' biggest threat to Canada

CBC – Tue, 6 Sep, 2011

In an exclusive interview with CBC News, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the biggest security threat to Canada a decade after 9/11 is Islamic terrorism.

In a wide-ranging interview with CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge that will air in its entirety on The National Thursday night, Harper says Canada is safer than it was on Sept. 11, 2001, when al-Qaeda attacked the U.S., but that "the major threat is still Islamicism."

"There are other threats out there, but that is the one that I can tell you occupies the security apparatus most regularly in terms of actual terrorist threats," Harper said.

Harper cautioned that terrorist threats can "come out of the blue" from a different source, such as the recent Norway attacks, where a lone gunman who hated Muslims killed 77 people.

But Harper said terrorism by Islamic radicals is still the top threat, though a "diffuse" one.

"When people think of Islamic terrorism, they think of Afghanistan, or maybe they think of some place in the Middle East, but the truth is that threat exists all over the world," he said, citing domestic terrorism in Nigeria.

The prime minister said home-grown Islamic radicals in Canada are "also something that we keep an eye on."

Harper said his government will bring back anti-terrorism clauses that were brought in in 2001 but were sunset in 2007 amid heated political debate.

There were two clauses at the heart of the debate:

One allowed police to arrest suspects without a warrant and detain them for three days without charges if police believed a terrorist act may have been committed.

The other allowed a judge to compel a witness to testify in secret about past associations or perhaps pending acts under penalty of going to jail if the witness didn't comply.

Neither clause was used by police or prosecutors in the five years before they expired.

In October 2006, a parliamentary committee recommended extending the two provisions.

The Conservatives put forward a proposal to keep the measures in place for three more years, but the three opposition parties united to defeat the proposal in February 2007 by a 159-124 vote.

The rest of the legislation remained in force.

When asked by Mansbridge if he would try to bring those laws back, Harper replied: "That is our plan."

"We think those measures are necessary. We think they've been useful," he said. "And as you know … they're applied rarely, but there are times where they're needed."

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Comment by Sassan K. on September 11, 2011 at 7:52am
What some atheists don't realize is that we are not all bleeding political ideologue liberals. Until you realize that political ideologues who firm views based on ideology (whether left or right) are both as dangerous and ignorant.
Comment by Chris Crowder on September 11, 2011 at 5:34am
Stupid Harper, I can't belief my fellow Canadians vote that Republican wanabe into office.  His anti-terrorism clauses are a joke, sigh stuck with a moron for a PM for the next 4 years. 

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