Easter's right around the corner.

How do I, a snarky atheist, know this? Good question.

I know because I work at my local public library which is gearing up for the annual "Easter Egg Hunt". That's right ladies and gentlemen, you can put your minds at ease (as is so often the case with people of faith) knowing that your tax dollars are well spent... on candy filled plastic eggs.

Now before you get all pissy (atheists and theists alike) here's what I have to say:

I KNOW that it's just candy. I KNOW that it's just plastic eggs from Big Lots. I KNOW that we're not reading Bible Stories (well... I hope not at least) and I KNOW that kids don't really care why they get to play a fun game of hide and seek with a sweet, chocolate reward.

Here are a few reasons why I'm a little upset despite the possible meaninglessness of our promotion of Easter:

1- It only works one way, that is, toward the majority religion. If our super terrific Young Adult librarian wanted to have her teens go outside and chant, druid style, around a tree at midnight on the eve of Vernal Equinox, the public wouldn't have it.

2- It is not the job of public institutions to teach children religion, or teach them about religious affiliated holidays (especially to the exclusion of other holidays) Theists who argue and get all upset about keeping religion, and especially creationism, out of schools seem not to understand that this is for their own safety.

If I had a belief that I held profoundly sacred and personal I wouldn't want a potentially unqualified stranger teaching this belief to my child. And that's what religious beliefs are, they are personal... so personal that for as long as there has been religion, Theists have argued incessantly amongst themselves about the details.

3- It's confusing! Yes, most libraries and other institutions only promote the "secular" version of these holidays. Ie- Santa not birth of Christ and Bunny not Resurrection. With this sort of back and forth, wishy washy pandering you're bound to end up with at a few awkward questions and at least one snarky children's librarian.

Following are three designs I considered for our Promotional White Board.
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