In respose to a post about a pretty mediocre study of "types" of atheists (indeed all A/N belong to one of the six categories, antitheists," who regard religion as dangerous fantasy and warn of its many harms and evils), I posted the following categories of religous (non-)belief.  Readers are welcome to contribute/commment. 

My categories:

(1) atheist/antitheist/"ignostic" (doesn't care, doesn't worry about it)

(1a) work in progress - trying to free oneself from childhood religious programmming

(2) uncommitted (agnostic; allows social observance of religious customs)

(3) pretend believers (liberal Jews and Christians; social observance of religious customs)

(4) true believers (sequestered and prolific; invested in psychotic fantasies; driven nuts by trying to manage the cognitive dissonance between religious fantasy and scientific reality; includes a few rebels/apostates who dare not reveal themselves).


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Comment by Alan Perlman on July 15, 2013 at 2:19pm

It's regrettable how often we have to hold our tongues and not speak the truth.

Comment by Michael Penn on July 15, 2013 at 9:01am

I have no time for religion any more because it makes no sense regardless of which "holy book" you read it out of. There is absolutely ZERO evidence that God is trying to contact you or tell you anything. Therefore, God is imaginary OR if there is a God, that personage simply does not care about you at all! I keep this viewpoint hidden from some friends and relatives as I have to keep my marriage and my job intact. At times I'm very vocal as an atheist, but you still have to be careful.

Some may say that they don't believe in God because he wouldn't let little children suffer, or that if there was a God there would be no war, etc. I say that my studies have brought me to this point, and that as a one time Christian, the "holy bible", the Christian book of the origin of everything, has now been proven simply to be a book of stories. It is no different than any other so called "holy book." There is no writing on the planet that speaks truthfully and plainly about existence of any "god" or of a "plan for man."

The Christian apologist then says, "therefore we must go to Mars." (That last line is my little funny.)



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