Catholic Katie Holmes divorces Scientologist Tom Cruise, but which religion is worst by todays standards?

Okay, so Katie Holmes probably isn't a fanatic like her husband, but since the beginning of Scientology in 1956 which religion -percentage wise due to there being many more catholics- is the most morally objectionable and which one is most likely to screw with your head?

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Comment by James M. Martin on July 4, 2012 at 4:17pm

I donno fester, both of them are just impossibly silly.  They're just like any religion, cons, grifter games.  They are selling a myth to desperate fearful people who haven't bothered to read their Lucretius, or that other great (but, excusably Lutheran) poet, Schiller, who said that against ignorance even the angels fight in vain.

Comment by Alan Perlman on July 3, 2012 at 12:32pm

All religions trade in wacky fantasies and can mess with your head if you take them too seriously.  They all do morally objectionable things, on a cointinuum of depravity.  Jewish taboos around menstruation and intermarriage are mild compared to the obscene death-cult of the Islamic martyr. So let's call the crazy-content thing a draw, a wash, and note some other differences:

(1) Recruitment and retention.  Some religions you're born into, but if the "big tent" allows for liberals (e.g., Reform Jews), it's easier to simply exit.  Others, like Mormonism or Islam, seem to have no viable liberal wings, thus no way out without alienating those who remain "in" (also applies to Orthodox Judaism) and bringing harsh consequences upon oneself.


(2) Pre- vs. post-scientific.  The Abrahamic religions developed out of ignorance of nature.  Mormonism and Scientology developed after we knew their stories were false -- really, alien souls migrating to earth 35 trillion years ago...Jesus ministering to Native Americans??  Gimme a break! It takes different kinds of mental maladjustment to cling to stories made up after the truth is known. 

Comment by Brent Feeney on July 3, 2012 at 9:13am

I know the St. Petersburg Times (now known as the Tampa Bay Times) has done extensive investigations of Scientology - IIRC, it's even won several awards for their ongoing coverage. There's a Scientology HQ in nearby Clearwater, so it makes it a local story for them as well. You may want to check them out as well.

Comment by Sandi on July 3, 2012 at 8:20am

I was just pointed to this site this morning. I haven't read through it yet, perhaps some of you have come across it but here is the link for those that haven't:

Undressing the Church of Scientology since 1996

Personally, I think that COS is the most transparent of what all churches really are: a corporation. A big money making venture designed to play off human emotion and vulnerability (and stupidity), but I think that Mormonism is up there for screwing with your head but the worst is the Westboro Baptists are the craziest, biggest mind fucks of all.



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