I went to a Catholic Kindergarten. We had to go to church everyday. When we got to the wafer- you know "the blood and flesh of Christ" I would cry and refuse to eat the wafer. They would shove it in my mouth and check to make sure I ate it!! Bastards. I didn't want to eat flesh and blood. I didn't understand that it was a wafer. . . they told me it was flesh and blood!!!! One day on our way to church, I hit my head on something. They took me to the nurse. She asked if I was okay to return to church. I realized if I said no, then I wouldn't have to eat "Christ." I was glad I hurt myself. Religious "logic" has never made sense to me! Next year I went to public school:)

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Comment by Michael Scott on March 17, 2010 at 8:55pm
Last week I saw a man singing "Washed in the blood" on a street corner. He just kept on singing about how great it would be to bath in blood. It made my stomach turn to think about it and how I used to sing that song as a child, completely ignorant to what I was saying. I would imagine without an upbringing like mine this song would freak you out!



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