More reasons to get rid of religion

It has always been asserted that illicit sex has been going on among the religious body of the Catholic Church. Besides the known priest sexual abuse of young boys, charges of Nuns having sex with priest, priest having sex with priest and Nuns having sex with Nuns have always been put forth. Are these charges real or just allegations? Well, a former Nun tells her story, “which details illicit relationships, sexual harassment and bullying in the convent where she spent three decades is causing ructions in the Catholic Church in the south Indian state of Kerala.”

According to Sister Jesme, in her book, Amen - an autobiography of a nun “when she became a nun she discovered priests were forcing novices to have sex with them.” She went on to say that “There were also secret homosexual relationships among the nuns and at one point she was forced into such a relationship by another nun who told her she preferred this kind of arrangement as it ruled out the possibility of pregnancy.”

She also claims that “while travelling through Bangalore, she was once directed to stay with a purportedly pious priest who took her to a garden ‘and showed me several pairs cuddling behind trees. He also gave me a sermon on the necessity of physical love and described the illicit affairs that certain bishops and priests had’. The priest took her to his home, stripped off his clothes and ordered her to do the same.” Isn’t this the God life?

Read entire story,Nasty habits: nun's sex and torture tell all

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Comment by marleen knight on July 25, 2010 at 6:45pm
for years the priest have been having sex with the nuns and hiding behind closed doors nasty deceitful bitches
Comment by Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM on February 27, 2009 at 11:56pm
Without supporting evidence I believe it would be wise to adopt a skeptical attitude towards the claims made in this book. They may all be true. Some of them may be true. They may be partly true. Or the bulk of them may stem from a mentally disturbed mind. In the last scenario the abnormal mental state may be entirely genetic or greatly exacerbated by the woman's experiences as a nun in the Catholic Church.

My professional experience (clinical psychology) includes nuns suffering from schizophrenia who are convinced of all kinds of weird things. It can be quite a challenge to determine what is real and what is delusional. Some aspects are easy. One nun spent 6 weeks trying to convince the hospital staff and the other patients that god had revealed to her that 1 now equals 0. Claims of sexual activity by the clergy are not so clear cut.



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