Here in the UK your humble blogger had a word ("Muzzies") censored on a discussion list. It was used in much the same way as one might use "fundies" or "God botherers". the ironic thing was, it was a discussion list of an association of gay and lesbian humanists, the very sort of group that is, or should be, against religious privilege, not averse to a bit of mild piss-taking and in favour of free speech (short of gratuitous offence and racism, of course, which this was not). I was even accused of using a word askin to "Paki" or "nigger", but I doubt that anyone would agree that "Muzzies" comes anywhere close – especially since it refers to a religious group made up of whites as well as yellow, brown and black people the world over.

Anyway, the upshot is that we at Gay & Lesbian Humanist Magazine have now launched a Yahoo! Groups discussion list called Gaytheist. It's open to anyone to join. Just go to the Pink Triangle blog and look in the sidebar. Easy-peasy.

Oh, it doesn't censor. Thought I'd mention that!

Oh, and you don't have to be gay. It's there for gay-friendly straights, too (one's joined already, although, since it was set up only yesterday, there are only a handful of signees so far. The more the merrier. See you there, perhaps.

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