Chapter Three; EVOLUTION AND RELIGION part ten

While many reasonable adherents do , to one level or another, believe in evolution. Why should evolution have any bearing on religion one way or the other? Some of these levels of belief range from belief in
“micro-evolution” to accepting most of the concepts and ideas of
cosmological and biological evolution, in view of an absent watchmaker.
So, what scientific reason can evolution have with such a seemingly
strong opposing view against it? After all, in March 2009, a Pontifical
University on science recently said that evolution is compatible with
the beliefs of The Catholic Church. [It only took them 150 years to
believe this premise of biological science. Galileo Galilei had to wait
400 years for his statement that the Sun was at the center of the solar
system to be accepted as fact.] The Catholic Church still has some
issue with the point in evolution where God inserted the human soul.
[How many problems are there with that statement?] I guess at that point
we became people and prior to that we were just, well, humans without a


God In Chaos con't:

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