Chapter Two: ASSURANCE OF SALVATION? part four

To this statement, [Assurance of Salvation] I can already hear the devout and the faithful saying that I must not have been truly saved or filled with the spirit.  First, one cannot say that according their own belief system.  They cannot know my sincerity and willingness to know more of God.  Also, I was one of the most devout and on fire believers that one would come across.  But it will be said, never the less.
One of the main reasons that I went through the process of covering my background was to answer what many believers say to me, “If you only really experienced the Power of God you would know He is real. Just open up your heart and let God speak to you.”


Assurance of Salvation cont:

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Comment by John Camilli on December 18, 2010 at 3:55pm

Yeah, I've heard the same argument, and it's a dead end, to be sure. There's no response to it that will be satisfactory to the speaker (except maybe 'okay, you've converted me and I believe in your God now'). The best thing I've come up with to shut them up is this: if God exists and wants to be understood by anyone who wants to understand IT (that's my formal name for God), then IT's presence would be self-evidentto all who seek it. And if God is perfect, and wrote all those Holy books we see, then they could not be mis-interpretted. They are suppose to be the word of God - how can we mis-understand them? IT's perfect, isn't IT? How could IT write a book that confuses so many people. Bad author, in my opinion, lol.



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