Chasers war on everything and how Australia once again over-reacts

For those not in the know, The chasers war on everything is an Australian comedy sketch series. It's filled with black comedy and frequently takes stabs at Aust politics and culture. Their latest show involved a gag where a charity "The make a wish foundation" was spoofed with the "Make a realistic wish foundation" which involved dying kids getting lame presents such as a stick. The response to the sketch was overwhelming with the show being forced off the air for two weeks, a Staff member at the channel being demoted and a forced public apology. Now having finally watched the sketch I can only say that my initial reaction was something to the effect of "Was that it?? Was that what all the fuss was about?". Talk about living in a nation filled with stuck up people. The sketch goes for about a minute and a half at most. I admit I did find it funny even though it was in poor taste. Did the sketch physically harm anyone? No. So can somebody please tell me what damage this sketch did do. Who is the victim here? It seems that the only people suffering are the ones who made the sketch and allowed it to air. The real victim it would seem is comedy and the right to use humor as a vehicle for critical thinking and satire. Humour works at its best when it mocks the things which we take most serious. In the grander scheme of things it may seem that we've only lost the show for two weeks and that this post is probably an over-reaction. Then again maybe I'm not over-reacting a message has been sent and that message is that somethings are not okay to joke about.

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Comment by Justin Pearson Smith on June 10, 2009 at 2:53pm
I probably could find out if there was an increase in the number of donations, since my sister works for the charity. As I mention on my facebook page, why don't all the people who hate the sketch so much just donate to the charity? That would actually accomplish something worthwhile.



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