An issue of my webcomic guest starring a certain Muslim prophet, goes online in some 24 hours. Am I nervous? Fuck yeah.


True, our readership is currently small and I don't expect anyone will even notice, but I am tense nevertheless. I'm glad we stuck to our guns and didn't fall into the trap of fear-induced self-censorship that so many others do. Still, if anyone ever says that Islam is a religion of peace, call bullshit on them. I never lost a minute of sleep over an issue featuring curried Kali and Ganesha over a year ago, why should Islam's prophet be any different? I don't think I really have to worry for my life for these pictures because of the comic way it was presented, but the fact that there is some uncertainty in that statement says a lot. Islam is scary.


November 17...

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Comment by mistercliff on November 17, 2011 at 9:09pm

True that.

Comment by marcoantonio on November 17, 2011 at 12:37am

... and so are Christian religious nuts and extremists, who don't quite get the same press time. Hate crime is rampant; remember that most neo-nazi groups tend to be quite convinced in their christian beliefs. Rednecks will happily beat gay people to death just because their Christianity says so. Remember that it's not Islam you are afraid of; it's the extremists who use Islam as their excuse to inflict pain in the world.

Remember the Inquisition...



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