In my life I've heard and been asked the question "What Came First, The Chicken Or
The Egg?". Now, with a question like this, you have only 2 answers and 1 MUST be

Definition of  "Faith"....strong or unshakeable belief in something, especially
                                        without proof or evidence.

To answer this question a theist must rely on their Faith and a book written 2000 years
ago and by people that thought the light from the Moon was its own light. Meaning that
It Is Not Reflected Sun Light.

Anyway, the theist answer should be "The Chicken". Because goD created the chicken
then it layed an egg. So did goD, many times. Just alittle Atheist humor.

Continuing on, an Atheists answer would be "The Egg". Because, by being able to think
freely, we can use tangible evidence to draw our conclusion. We have good evidence
that birds evolved from Dinosaurs and the Dinosaurs layed eggs. So.......Egg Before
Chicken. If you doubt this, check out "archeopteryx" on the internet.


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