I didn't realize just how screwed up I've been by religion until I watched Paranomial Activity with my husband. Now I think all that stuff is just bullshit. I mean really on paper it just sounds so insane, but when you grow up hearing this stuff it still doesn't sit well with you. It left me anger because Hollywood being Hollywood plays on our fears, but more importantly these fears are here because we are allowed to program them into children. From the time we are young we are taught to fear the dark...to label the unknown as evil and scary. Things creep around corners, they want to get us, and so on. More and more each day as I wash away the trama that a religious upbringing leaves, I see the things religions do to children as child abuse. It is pure mental child abuse. We are pulled into submisson by fear as children and then as we age the world around us toys on those fears.

I feel sorry for the children coming up today in religious homes. Religion will do a number on them, and leaving it and all of its baggage behind, can be very hard.

*sigh*. I love my father...I hate what he allowed to be done to my mind.

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