Child Advocate Wastes Precious CPS Resources in the Name of God

In my work as an advocate for foster children in America, I’ve seen personally a level of abuse that might damage the psyche of an average person. I once saw a two year old child, with a face still so swollen he couldn’t open his eyes, returned to abusive home after two weeks in the hospital because “it was just the first time it happened.” So when I hear the abuse word thrown out willy-nilly, devaluing the plight of children who are actually abused, it makes me want to start a crusade. Compound it by saying that atheist children are abused because they don’t believe in god and you’ve thrown me up on my high horse. Say that a child expressing the fact that she’s an atheist does the same harm as child pornography and you might as well dress me up in armor, give me a shield and get out of the way of my morning star. Have this all said by someone whose title is “Child Advocate” engages the righteous anger in this atheist. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, “child advocate” Wendy Murphy asserts all those things in response to the video below.

After seeing this video, Bill O’Reilly decided to dedicate a segment of the show to the abuse of this girl.

“’Impact’ segment tonight, we have been warning you that the rise of machines throughout the world has the potential for great good and terrible evil. We all know about child pornography on the Internet, but there are other abuses of children on the' Net that are disturbing to say the least. On one Internet site, this little girl was posted saying vile things.”

Calling this an abuse of a child is ridiculous on its face, but to say in the same breath this somehow equates to child abuse is deplorable. When a child is used as a sexual object, even a photograph, it has lasting psychological effects. Sometimes the children need extensive, ongoing counseling, medication and treatment long into their adulthood. Saying you don’t believe in god and using a swear word has never been proven to have any lasting psychological effects.

“Child advocate” Wendy Murphy said that using a child to spread political propaganda is child abuse. She said that there was no way this child could understand what she was saying, thus compounding the abuse.

“There is no question that using a child as a tool to promote propaganda, political propaganda about which the child understands nothing. I guarantee you a child of that age has no idea what she is saying. That is the ultimate inhumane treatment of a child.”

The “ultimate inhumane treatment of a child”? A “child advocate” calling a rant on the stupidity of the Republican Party and god the “ultimate inhumane treatment of a child” has no grasp on the things actually happening to children in this country or in the world.

Murphy’s comments are especially infuriating because besides being a “child advocate” she is a former prosecutor, and adjunct law teacher. She actually knows what legally constitutes child abuse. She’s probably seen near the same horrors that I have, has worked with CPS in the past, knows their limitations and still chooses to tap limited resources on what could never be considered by any rational person child abuse.

If O’Reilly and Murphy honestly believe that preaching religious and political beliefs are child abuse, then they must object to the “child abuse” perpetrated against these children. Have they called CPS about these children yet?

Or how about this?

How about these?

This one?

How about these children from the child abusing priest of the West ...

I think not.

As the interview wares on, Wendy Murphy says that she will be contacting Child Protective Services (CPS) to report these parents for the “emotional abuse” of this child. CPS, in almost every state, is under staffed, underfunded and over stretched. When people like Wendy Murphy contact CPS to investigate what is obviously not child abuse, legally or morally, it takes resources from the children and families that actually need the help. As a “child advocate”, Wendy Murphy should know the cost of her wasteful phone call. She knows she is choosing to allow another child to be abused, another child to languish in a bad foster home and a mother from getting the treatment she needs to get her children back.

It’s obvious the problem with this child is not that this child is online, it is not that she uses a swear word, or that someone might want to “hunt her down” (Murphy concludes might happen during the interview); it is that this little girl is refusing to submit to the authority of god, the Republican Party and Bill O’Reilly himself.

I want to remind Bill, Wendy and the people who agree that atheists do not have a book that encourages the abuse of children: “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” a directive to physically abuse your children, is not an atheist belief. Before you call an atheist child an abused child, look to your beliefs first. In fact, there are so many religious children in foster care, that it is a consideration when placing children in a foster home.

Disgusting. There is no other word to describe O’Reilly and Murphy’s comments, but bigotry describes their message. Not only do they disparage this girl, her family and all atheists, their reckless behavior could put children who are in desperate need of help in the danger of receiving none.

Watch the interview:

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Bill O'Reilly and Wendy Murphy Waste CPS Resources in the Name of God
When I hear the abuse word thrown out willy-nilly, devaluing the plight of children who are actually abused, it makes me want to start a crusade.

Wendy J. Murphy

Thanks Jessica Renee for bringing this to my attention!

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Comment by Angie Jackson on May 4, 2009 at 8:39pm
Wow. I gotta say my first instinct of the little girl was "right on!" mixed with "someone's coaching her". And sure, I'm a little upset to her kids curse, but it's MY issue, not "child abuse". My next door neighbor and friend is a CPS case manager. He knows my son is raised in an atheist home, that I don't overly shelter him from music with swearing, and that I loudly broadcast Atheist Experience and similar programs all week long on my PC. He hasn't filed an abuse report on me. I guess these two morons think he should get fired for failing to report such a horrendous offense, huh?


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