China’s crop of outrageous new hotel designs

I was in Chin in the 1980s. I saw spotlessly clean streets with women out early each morning sweeping. I saw butchers slaughtering animals in open-air markets, blood streaming into the streets. There were no flies. I saw small rooms open to the street where people constructed electric irons for the world trade, even U.S. trademarks. I talked to people taking care of babies while their parents worked in factories. Mothers were allowed to take time to nurse their babies and it was not time docked from their earnings. I saw very old people taking care of children who were potty trained and walking. I saw women working in factories stamping silk material by hand on tables that were as long as a U.S. city block. I saw pigs living in the yards of homes; they were clean, had no smell, even as the pigs had wallow hollows. I saw people doing exercises in large green parks, all doing the same routine in slow motion. 

Today, I read Glen Hiemstra's blog. Glen and I trained under Ed Lindaman at Whitworth University (then college). He stated: 

"Why is architecture in the U.S., and particularly in my home of Seattle, so boring? I’m sure there are reasons, but I don’t really know what they are. Will no one take a chance? Like this example of daring future architecture, the Kempinski Hotel Beijing in China?"

I started following this lead and found the most astounding things that have happened in China since I was there. 

China’s crop of outrageous new hotel designs

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Comment by Michael Penn on December 15, 2014 at 11:36am

China would certainly be interesting in our past or even today in present time. They seem ahead in many ways and I'm told that today they are number one. The USA is taking a back seat now. We should hope that they fix their pollution problem soon. England had theirs into the 1950's.

Some of those hotel designs are very futuristic. A 600 room skyscraper is phenomenal.



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