Most of these people I have known my whole life. I grew up with them and they have been my friends for a very long time, however.....I don't go out with certain ones, and I don't even feel like calling them friends any more. I am just WORN the hell out.
Opening up my facebook page every day I cringe, because I KNOW I'm gonna see more than one post with something so absurd that I'm going to throw up in my mouth a little, or maybe a lot depending on how stupid it is.
For of my fb "friends" (not a close friend, but still someone I know well) had put out the distress call for ALL of us to pray for her husband. He was sick, he was getting a cold, and needed us all to pray. (yeah, she probably needed his ass to get back to work!) What's next??? Then we have to pray for her jewelry party on Friday night.......and that her best friends truck starts so she can go to work see where I'm going?
Never mind that I always knew this girl was a vacuous twit, but to spread the twittiness well that's just plain irritating. Then there's the youtube vids put up of whatever helmet haired pastor they like this week's preaching.
To have that pop up and staring me in the getting on my damn nerves. I really would love for someone to hack her facebook account and on her behalf write a message of apology for putting her bs religion off on people, and then apologize to her god for acting like he's her bitch, and asking for stupid shit.....there are people starving in this world, and dying from war and poverty, and she has the CODS, to ask her god to let her friend's freekin car start??? This woman is typical down here in the south.
This level of brazen stupidity, is REALLY starting to get to me.....there are so many more of them that do the same thing. Talk me down??? I really would like to just STOP her...but alas, I am a civilized person. Maybe I should just tell her to shut the *uck up??? Nahh...I have more class than that! But

Anyone else have christian friend horror stories???

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Comment by Nelson Hernandez on October 1, 2011 at 1:50pm
Here is a good one. I am a married man that was legally seperated from my wife. I met tthis young lady who I started developing feelings for. Long story short, we were intimate. Something's happened and i had to go out of town for a month on family business. She knew my views on religion from the start. Two weeks after I left she started seeing this Guy from her church. She stated this happened because she did not know if I was coming back. When i did come back, two weeks after they hooked up, I told her that I wanted to be with her. She said she loved me and wanted to be with me, but did not want to hurt the other Guy. Although she was dating this Guy and they were a couple, she was still having sex with me. Thus went on for two months until I became tired of the situation and moved. The last time we talked one of her major reasons for staying with this other Guy was that he went to her church and she wanted to raise her family in a Christian home with morals. As an atheist, I had no morals. I laughed and reminded her that 1. Although I was seperated, I was still married and she knew this from the beginning. 2. She was in a relationship with someone else and still sleeping with me regularly. Her response was, "well God will forgive me. " what a cop out. I told her that she should come clean with the Guy and repent. She never did, so I told him. She ended up lying to him just to keep him. So much for xtian morality huh. Lol.
Comment by Steve on January 10, 2011 at 12:00pm
When you see that sort of thing, you could post something about giving to charity to help those who have serious problems.  Add a comment about how good we have it compared to others and about how silly it is for us to be so concerned about petty things like bad colds or cars that won't start when people are dying, etc.
Comment by dr kellie on December 31, 2010 at 10:59am

I have a friend who is in a coma from a stroke, and another friend who can't stop posting, "Thank god that Shorty is still alive."

??????????? ????/

I always think, "Thank god that Shorty is in a coma in the first place...."  Xians don't make sense. 

Comment by Bimmerella on December 31, 2010 at 9:57am
Yeah please do use it!  BTW  I have other names for religion. Self induced Brain cancer, psychogenic alzheimer's, or my favorite..."brain cutting"..... mental constipation???  Feel free to add....
Comment by Vanessa on December 28, 2010 at 12:06pm

haha " spread the twittiness" that's good,

can I use that?

Comment by Orionscience on November 11, 2010 at 6:23pm
I cancelled my FB account a few weeks ago, I got bored..
Comment by Sheila Varga on September 26, 2010 at 9:11pm
Christian Friend Horror Stories... Gosh, I could go on and on! First of all I am faced with the same thing when I open FB. "Like this if you love God and so forth...." "So and so needs your prayers." or someone stating how God has blessed them and given them so much. What is it? Can't these people take credit for what they do themselves? I guess not. I am faced with it at work too. The woman in the cubicle next to me preaches to people on the phone constantly. Thank goodness for my iPod. At least I can put it in and drown her out, well most of the time anyway.
Comment by The Big Blue Frog on September 21, 2010 at 11:42am
I know the frustration well. There are only a few skeptics on my Facebook friends list, and a lot of religious folks. Most of them are family or in-laws.
Comment by Clifford Gliddon on September 19, 2010 at 9:07pm
I grew up atheist in Kansas City, which is babble-belt but probably not so severe as Tennessee. There was friction all my life, but most people didn't bother each other much, except when the "jesus freak" movement started in my high school. This was the 70s, and I was one of the other kind of freaks -- hippies. People, xians, are extremely rabid now by comparison. I have had a lot of trouble with friends since my becoming more aggressive (a few years ago) about not taking any crap from people who would attempt to argue nonsense with me. I just shut 'em down, and have lost a few friends over it.

Right now, one of my very best friends is having a "crisis of faith" over the RCC pedofile business, and I fully support him in his crisis-having :), but he wants me to talk him out of his religion. In other words, he wants to argue stupid sky-fairy stuff and expects me to disabuse him of those ideas. It's very difficult, even heartbreaking.
Comment by Brian Bradsher on September 17, 2010 at 12:24am
I grew up in an Assemblies of God (A/G) church in MD. Most of my family is A/G, but my brother is a Calvinist Presbyterian pastor in FL. I have a cousin who is a A/G youth minister. I have one family member who is not Christian. He believes in a god of some kind, but doesn't think Christianity has it right. My cousin, the youth minister, posted a video on facebook of someone he knows that was healed at some church event. She hasn't been able to walk for 15-20 yrs due to a car accident. I will have to post it on my page. Check it out. Hard to believe I used to believe all that shit. I don't believe she was healed, but if she did regain her ability to walk, I don't think it was because god saw all those people flailing about and decided to do something for once. And then, why did he wait so long to heal her? There has to be another explanation. Gullible people are so ready to believe a miracle happened instead of considering a simpler, natural explanation.



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