Today, I happened to walk by a buzz. Several people were standing around gawking at a stack of books. I went over to see what was up. It was a collection of the Twilight Series from Stephanie Meyer. I have never read any of her writings, but I know this series is about Vampires.

"Vampires?" I quizzed. "Yes!" they all replied. "These are wonderful books, well written, with interesting characters." "I liked the movie" another piped in. "Yes, there is another movie coming soon!" which garnered head nodding all around.

"So," I interrupted. "Vampires are OK, but Harry Potter is out?" The looks I received let me know I had just said the stupidest thing possible. "Well of course" one started looking at the group, then back to me. "Vampires aren't real, they are imaginary. Harry Potter teaches children about witchcraft and sorcery. That is real, children must be protected from those evils." This again elicited the requisite looks around the group and head nodding.

"ah" I replied, and walked away.

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Comment by Hekate Moon on July 7, 2009 at 8:30pm
Its because Twilight is a allegory for the Mormon faith. This explains the misogyny and no sex before marriage part.
Comment by Mel on June 23, 2009 at 6:52pm



Twilight is not about vampires. It happens to contain vampires. I didn't bother reading past the first one though, so it could improve - reviews do not give me confidence.

However, Twilight is ABOUT the abusive relationship between a dipshit 16 year old and her cradle-snatching 120 year old "boyfriend" in which her sexuality is continually repressed, having sex before marriage is stated to be bad, staying home with the baby instead of self development is promoted, starting a relationship is entirely based on her smell and his looks. Despite the female lead talking big talk about feminism, she gets absolutely NO agency and is bullied by a succession of males.

Whereas Harry Potter is about equal rights for all, choosing your own path and standing up against things you think are bad. And intellectual development.

And the Twilight movie is simultaneously a dramatic improvement on the book and ABSOLUTELY DIRE. Go figure.



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