Sometimes, I feel like more of a Christian than some of the "Christians" I know.

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Comment by Michael Penn on October 31, 2014 at 8:03pm

That's a good clip, V. I like Bill Maher and watch his show all the time. Christians seem to dislike him coz he's openly atheist. I find him funny but I actually agree with him most of the time.

My boyhood Christian friend cannot stand Maher. He will rant and rave about him. Of course, this same theist thinks the world is 6,000 years old, the worldwide flood was real, the Bible is the literal word of God, slavery was only indentured servitude, etc., etc. My friend even claims he talks to God and Jesus all the time. I think he believes they talk back to him. He might even believe he has seen them also.

As for who's right and wrong and killing people, my friend hates Muslims. It hasn't dawned on him yet that your religion is mostly decided by what part  of the world you are born in. If most Christians could just get that part figured out everything else would soon fall in place.



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