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No, no, no. Just kidding.

I would never pull the bait-and-switch tactic here. I respect the membership of Atheist Nexus too much, despite none of you having an absolute basis for morality. If I'm going to take up space on the blogroll, I will try to write something substantial exclusively for this site.

But at the risk of being spammy, I do want to post a link to my new main blog, Killed By Fish. This will have short posts and graphic art, but is also a central switchboard that links to pretty much everything I write on the interwebz. There is a Poe-ish religious blog, a fake sports news blog, and another blog for leftovers that fit no where else. You can link to my best stuff on Cracked.com, watch my stop-motion videos, even read random comments on various other websites.

In the meantime, in order to justify my spot in the blogroll here...
I find myself wondering lately where Christians got the idea that they invented everything--morality, law, marriage, and other basic stuff. They act like no one ever thought of any of this stuff before; Christianity gave the world everything that is good. I suppose that's a standard religious tactic; take credit for the good stuff, scare the hell out of everyone with the bad, and pass the collection plate.

It appears to me, though, that Christians didn't even invent their own religion. Instead, it was piggy-backed on an older, well-established religion (Judaism. You've probably heard of it.). What can I say about a faith that can't even come up with its own backstory? At least L. Ron Hubbard created his own mythology when he devised Scientology out of whole cloth. There is a name for stories written using someone else's fictional world.

The New Testament is Jewish fanfiction.

Okay, maybe it really is a step above stories about Captain Kirk and Spock having gay sex, but taking the Jewish scripture and inventing a new character called Jesus who does miracles and dies to save us all is about as creative as Lethal Weapon 4. The dialogue in the New Testament might be better, but any Hollywood writer worth his salt could have pulled that off.

Maybe it's time to reboot the franchise.

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Comment by feralboy12 on August 19, 2010 at 4:33pm
I think you're taking me far too seriously, John.
Comment by John B Hodges on August 16, 2010 at 1:40pm
"Rebooting the franchise" has been done, repeatedly. Islam, Mormons, Baha'i, Christian Science, any religion founded more recently than Islam. Not to mention the many splits and schisms within Christianity. Religious folk don't have any "absolute basis" for morality; there is nothing more "culturally relative" than religious belief. Religious ethics are necessarily both subjective and relative, because they depend crucially on faith.



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