About 2 days ago, lines of christians stood or sat along 5th Avenue here in Huntington, WV with signs. At first glance, I wasn't sure what their message was because the first sign stated, "Jesus forgives you". I thought at first that maybe it was regarding some incident at Marshall University that I was not aware of since I don't go to that school. As I continued along, various anti-abortion signs were being shown by young and old alike. Instantly I was filled with a uncontrollable rage.
I have always been a supporter of women having equal rights. I cannot count how many times I have seen men impregnate women and run off without any fear of repercussion while the potential mother-to-be is left with the responsibility of raising a child for the next 18 years. There was a bygone time that women would have to abort the babies themselves, risking their own lives to save a child from having to be raised on little to no money or to be lost in the system or streets. I personally have a friend who had another male friend of ours hit her in the stomach after she had already thrown herself down a set of stairs trying to force a miscarriage rather then let anyone know she was pregnant by having an abortion. She was petrified; scared.
My point is that these "christians" crusading against these women is disgraceful. Most of these women are making very tough decisions in the first place. I think that it is an inexcusable travesty to shove tough decisions back in the face of a downed "opponent". Why not just save your disgraceful actions and support the people that you care about so that they include you in their lives. These women will abandon those who turn them away or people that make them feel inadequate as human beings. These "christians" should realize that not everyone agrees with them and not react like the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) and stop picketing the already wounded.
As I said before, I was filled with an uncontrollable rage. I expressed my first ammendment by driving past them with my window down, my middle finger held as high as their heads and egos, yelling "F*** YOU" as loud as I could.

My suggestion is that if you do not approve of abortions, then do not have one. I promise that if they will not try and force women to have unwanted children then I will never try and force wanted children to be aborted.

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Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on October 24, 2010 at 9:36am
I agree with you. I don't know of anyone who is "pro abortion". No one really wants to be in the position to need one. It's really no one's business what someone does in her private life. I find it annoying these same people who want to take away a woman's right to choose, also want to take away her access to birth control and gay men's right to adopt. Good grief, if women are going to be forced to have thousands of babies they don't want and can't take care of, then at least make sure there are plenty of willing parents out there for these unwanted kids, including the kids have lots of problems and need loads of expensive care.



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