Christians seem to like the actions of the Abrahamic God.

On 5/31/10 I published on two popular Bible pages many of the most notorious Bible verses, which are listed in detail at:

Many people clicked “like.” The other responses I got were quite surprising. One woman posted “very nice” as a comment and then gave me a link to a God page.
One man said: “Rudy spends a lot of time posting the judgments of God against the wicked...he must be trying to frighten atheists...”
An atheist replied, “atheists don't believe in god, they don't fear any of those fictional judgments any more than they fear Godzilla, vampires, or Freddy Krueger.”
Then, the Christian man wrote: “Rudy must think otherwise...he keeps posting that stuff."

I have a big A on my profile picture, but I guess he did not notice because he seemed to think I was Christian.

My hypothesis for this little experiment was that I would get flagged and Christians would be angry at me for posted such negative Bible verses. I was wrong. Christians seemed to like the verses and one man interpreted all these verses at God’s punishment of the wicked. In fact many of these verses were about killing innocent people such as babies.

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Comment by Bradley Keene on June 3, 2010 at 1:34am
That is... disturbing. It's hard to believe a human being who has gone through experiencing the same major events as everyone else, who has gone through the same general education system, could have their head so far up their ass.
Comment by Rudy Ruddell on June 1, 2010 at 10:54pm
Yes, John, they are, but it is only because they are infected with the God virus and certain areas of the brain have been deactivated.

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