Christopher Hitchens to debate in Dallas 3/21/09

At Dallas Convention Center

Christianity Today Panel Discussion 5
Does the God of Christianity Exist, and What Difference Does it Make? A Debate.

Panelists: William Lane Craig, James Denison, Christopher Hitchens, Doug Wilson, Lee Strobel
Moderator: Stan Guthrie
The New Atheists usually make two charges against Christianity: (1) that it is untrue and (2) that it is harmful. A panel of Christian apologetics experts responds to an atheist critic with evidence from Scripture, science, and history about why the faith is both reasonable and good for the world.

Yes, it's part of the Christian Book Expo. Yes, he is debating 4 theists. Yes, it's $24 a ticket (it is put on by $ hungry christians). And yes, I will be there to cheer Hitch on! I'm going with two other atheist friends. Hope to get more Dallas atheists, anti-theists, skeptics, or just Hitchens fans in the crowd.

FYI; there is a Promo discount code "cbe5off" for $5 off when you register to get it from $29 to $24.

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