Christpher Hitchens - The Element of Truth

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way." - Christopher Hitchens

To a believer, they are probably saying, "good ridden" to Mr. Hitchens.  Its sad to think about (for them) because look at the Republican debates.  If we dig to find out where all the tyranny began... it began with religion.  Point being, if the leaders in this country would listen to an open mind like Mr. Hitchens, they will realize that he's not crazy, rude, sinful, arrogant, and the list goes on... Mr. Hitchens is simply honest.  If he failed a test, he doesn't blame anyone else but himself, and the same if he passes a test with flying colors.  He doesn't say that God or Jesus did it for him.  He is in total control of what happens in his life, just and you are I are, however for some reason, weak believers NEED someone else to blame when they fail and to praise when they succeed.  Instead of arguing whether this candidate is Mormon, and this one is Evangelist, and that one cheated on his wife, and the President is promoting a "war on religion", why not discuss what REALLY mattters... and that is... healthcare, job loss, tax issues, Wall Street and insider trading, Etc!  WHO REALLY CARES WHAT RELIGION YOU ARE?  IT’S IRRELEVANT!  And for that matter, who am I to judge someone for how they run their marriage.  Who said that a husband and a wife should never have sexual relations with another person? The answer: THE BIBLE and RELIGION!  If a couple wants to share their sexual interactions with other human beings, that’s a personal matter, and the country should not be judging it because I can guarantee you that the very people who are judging it have skeletons in their closet as well!!

Maybe now that Mr. Hitchens passed, our leaders will hopefully be able to appreciate him for who he was and what he stood for.  With the way things are going in this country, the solutions he stood for his entire life may just be the right answer to turning this country, and for that matter, the world around.  Believe in yourself, be brutally honest with yourself and others, and like he said, "more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way."  Your thoughts.

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