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Without Walls International Church is fighting foreclosure threat.

Last week, the St. Petersburg Times reported that the California-based Evangelical Christian Credit Union filed foreclosure proceedings against Without Walls, which owes $13-million for its Tampa property and $12.5-million on its Lakeland branch.

According to the church's pastor, Rev. Randy White, "We are a great church, and the devil has tried to take us out every single way that he can."

Yeah, blame the so called "devil" or may be you, Rev. Randy White, are dead wrong, which I think you are, and this is your God's doing. Why? Because the country's foreclosures and financial problems are hitting poor American families, of whom are almost all believers in God, very hard and these families believed, with certainty, that the crazy mortgages they received from the banks were God's way of pay-back to them for putting their hard earn money into God and the pastors' collection plates.
Here is a crazy idea, maybe like you Rev. Randy White, these poor hurting American families can blame their financial and foreclosures suffering on the devil also. Maybe, just maybe, these families were trick by the devil or devils, oh! I am sorry, I meant to say pastor or pastors, into believing that they will be rewarded by God if they put their money into the collection plates.
Just a thought.

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Comment by Buffy on November 15, 2008 at 11:08am
Sorry, my heart can't bleed over it. "The Devil" has nothing to do with it. People have been (and still are) losing their homes across the country due to the mortgage crisis. Does that nitwit think that because it's a church it should be exempt from the problem ? I'm sick to death of the belief that religion and everything associated with it should be free from question, criticism, taxes and woes of any type. Newsflash: Life contains suffering. (Yeah, that Buddha guy had some good ideas). Or to put it more bluntly; Sh*t happens.



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