Sinami (n.) The wave of blame issued by the religious after a natural disaster as to why god caused said disaster.

Example: After the 8.2 earthquake killed 1042 people last month, a sinami occurred among priests and clergyman faulting abortion, homosexuality and scantily clad women as the reason for god's wrath.

We see this after many disasters, whether it be flood, drought, hurricane, tornado, volcanoes, earthquake or a tsunami. Some preacher will start ranting that we brought this disaster upon ourselves, through our heathen lifestyles. How to fix it? Repent and sin no more, of course. I wonder what they think would happen if all the world were to suddenly "see the light" and become the righteous folks these clergyman expect us to be. Would weather systems stop? Would the Earth's plates quit moving? How far beyond rationality does one have to be to actually believe this?

Ironically, even the insurance companies call these things "acts of god". How inane is that?

The earthquake near Japan with the following tsunami early this morning got me thinking about this. It falls along the lines of Jennifer McCreight's "Boobquake" experiment. How long will it be before the Pat Robertsons of this world let us know what god has against Japan. Oh wait, here it is:

"About 70 percent of Japanese profess no religious membership,[7][8] according to Johnstone (1993:323), 84% of the Japanese claim no personal religion." - Google

Well there you have it. Prime reasoning for death and destruction for the godless of Japan. The rising waters and falling debris might take a few god-followers with them, but hey, they'll get to be with the lord that much sooner. How lucky for them. The IMPORTANT thing that we learn from this is that god is pissed off, and we better just straighten up.

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