Come all yea unfaithful - Co-author a new book to shock the world of theists (well at least put some on a more accepted track)

As out spoken Atheist we are always bitching about the stupid things we see in the Christian Bible (well I do, lol).

A few weeks ago I was thinking well look this guy Christ I can believe he walked on earth 2000 years ago. But magic no, I have seen how such tricks are done it’s all slight of hand, lol But of course I throw coins sometimes in to a wishing well and have a vague idea that I have a 1000000 to 1 chance of my wish to come true. Other than being the King of England of courses or the President of United States. Lol

Oh lets get back on subject (I am wandering), yes well this Guy Jesus said a lot of very interesting things. Of course you know that and I am teaching you to suck egg’s. He was of course the world’s best moral teacher, some what over the top and suggesting one should open one self to abuse, but really good stuff to keep people on the straight and narrow.

These guys that started a new Christian (well Christian/Jewish mixed up religion showing a two face supernatural bundle of fire vengeance and confusingly nice God) faith certainly twisted the ideals of Christ. Catholicism was a product for a very pushy emperor to use to control his subjects and for a rallying cry for his legions to cry Gods on our side. Of course after the Jewish rebellion and the fall of the second temple, Rome where very anti-Jewish and this new religion cursed the Jews for Killing a so called man god after Romans tried to stop it but had to wash their hands.

Anyway the point is not one of these Christians have yet corrected their Holy Bible to suit the real wishes of Christ. Christ is a man I really respect he was no God but he had good in his heart and care for his fellow human beings.

So I thought it would be a great idea for Atheist to re-write the Christian Bible to show the Christians how the Romans took over Christianity and messed it up to suit their selfish needs. Evidently Constantine’s lackey’s wrote a designed a great indoctrination tool and a religion that spreads like a virus. So good the followers now can not see they have been duped.

To this ends I have started something that maybe I wished I had not started as I could be seen as the Anti Christ (26-6-46 three 6s in my birthdate) . Please feel free in becoming a co-publisher the action is taken place at this is a group participation of which has a time line of 9 months to a year. (As I know we are all busy saving the world)

The new Bible will be called “VIEW OF LIFE” and published as a free E Book.

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Comment by Robin Johnson-Perkins - Babel Fish on December 17, 2008 at 2:28am
Some yes indeed may in those hidden years as a wandering odd job man he wander over the wrong mountain and came back with the right stuff. Who knows he may of gone back to be buried in fact there is a tomb there.

But joking aside with of course a bit of seriousness Asia had a great effect on the middle east due to the spice trade.
Comment by Larian LeQuella on December 16, 2008 at 8:56pm
Didn't that hippie Christ steal all his good ideas from India? ;)
Comment by Robin Johnson-Perkins - Babel Fish on December 16, 2008 at 8:50pm
Invite your friends and don't forget to chew a pencil and drink coffee through a straw and wear your thinking hat. Our work could lead to a peaceful World (some hope) lol.



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