Hello fellow atheists!  I have joined this site in an attempt to find other rational individuals, such as myself, and to promote a current charity drive that I am trying to get going for the Oklahoma tornado victims.  I have managed to get many groups from around my area, including the Beyond Belief Foundation to back me on this endeavor. 

I am located in Newnan, Ga and have my own atheist group entitled "Coweta County Atheists".  I am currently being backed by Spaulding Co. Freethought, Fayette Freethought, Atlanta Atheists, Atlanta Feethought, Lagrange Humanists and the Beyond Belief Foundation.

I, personally, will not be handling any monetary donations.  Please see the Beyond Belief Foundation website if you would like to donate money.  I am looking for people willing to donate flashlights, batteries, work gloves, boots, toiletries, non-perishable foods (i.e. protein bars etc.), water and gatorade.  They do not need clothing at this time. 

I will be making a page for this charity on facebook as soon as I can and I will post a link here for anyone interested.  You do not have to live in my area to help.  Many people lost everything they have, including loved ones; some even lost their young children.  This is a very devastating disaster and I feel it is our duty as humans to help our fellow man in his time of need.

The Beyond Belief Foundation will make sure that secular families that are not comfortable taking donations from churches will be helped with whatever we are able to send.  Thanks for your time and thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful day! 

Holli :)

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