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OK. This is a comic book geek topic. Something that's been in my head for a while, but since I'm no writer, it's not really doing anything. Not sure who else would think this is a good idea, but here goes:

I'm somewhat of a fairweather comic book fan. I might go to shops or even conventions once in a very blue moon, but do not keep up with what's going on in any series of books. I know what I like and the type of characters I like. Superman, as a character, bores me to tears. Boring boy scout morals about killing, fruitier tights than a pride parade, and far too powerful. I mean, like he does not have enough weaknesses or flaws, and there is nothing human or dark or interesting about him. He's a tired cliche comic book 'superhero' stereotype from the 1920s.

Well, I always liked the Eradicator version of Superman from the 'Reign of the Supermen' stories. After the 'death' of Superman, 4 people clamored for the role of the new 'Superman'. One claimed to actually be the original, but acted as though he had went through a big change and started embracing his Kryptonian roots, becoming less human and more 'logical', scientific, and ruthless. Black suit with a blue stripe down the middle, cool shades. New look in general. One scene had a bum mugging a woman. Well, the bum turns around to see this darker 'Superman' hovering in place, downward towards the ground, like something from War of the Worlds. His eyes glowing as if ready to blast the perp.

The bum freaks and yells "You can't be Superman! He busts people! He doesn't toast them!"

And 'Superman' replied (paraphrasing): "I am the last son of Krypton. I have been through the fires of hell and back and been reborn. You shall pay for your misdeeds this afternoon." Then, he proceeded to blast the mugger as he ran, seriously burning him.

To me, I'm not a violent person in real life, but I love heroes who are. While I disliked the character's 'cold' emotionless logic and lack of empathy towards humanity, I liked this Superman more than the old one. For the same reason I would rather see Rambo than Power Rangers.

Well, all of this gave me an idea. What if they revamped the old "Justice League" and made their images more modern? Sort of like when Batman went from blue to black. Here's the general idea I had for "Justice League 2079". floating in my head for a long while

In an alternate reality, the future would be very chaotic (think Blade Runner) as Lex Luthor and LexCorps ran the planet behind the scenes. Cities were so riddled with crime that they were a danger to live in, but families were too scared to say anything. LexCorps has such superior weaponry, and they supply much of that to the police and military, all of whom are in their pockets. (Brainiac would have some part in Luther's new "technology")

Well, slowly in recent times, word spread on the streets. Big names in Lex's forces have been found dead with a message carved on all their chests. "Justice will be served."

Thus, the "Justice League" was born. A new hope for the people.

These would be more violent heroes for a harsher world. Superman would resemble the Eradicator version previously mentioned, but with more ability to emphasize with humanity. So, kind of a cross, between Eradicator and 'regular' Supe.

Batman would be the same, except for he would be black. (One of the problems in mainline comics is the lack of diversity, in my opinion, which is extremely unrealistic. My group would be a bit more diverse.)

Wonder Woman would resemble the chick from Aeon Flux. She would also be pagan, schooled slightly in black magic and the last of her Amazonian people as LexCorps had wiped them out.

Aquaman would have the long scraggly beard, angry ripped/chiseled barbarian look, pitchfork, but wearing no clothes (maybe seaweed or something). His "weakness" of needing to be in water every hour would be offset by a new "power". He could drain the moisture from victims, for the same effect. And the telepathy he uses for sea creatures......he could somewhat use to telepathically speak to ppl or fuck with their heads. I'd have to add a few since he's such a lame character. lol

Green Lantern would be black. He would resemble Blade, black trench coat and all, except with a green aura around him. Using the ring to create guns and Punisher type weaponry. When he removed his shades, you would only see green glowing where his pupils are supposed to be.

Martian Manhunter, the one who got them together, would appear mostly as a "Man in Black" and mentor til the end, when he joined the fight. (true martian form = scary as fuck)

Flash would be Hispanic. Instead of being a scientist for the police department, in this reality he was a gang member. He did something similar to science.....a meth lab. The same lightning bolt story, gives him power, BUT he leaves the gang shortly after, when his brother dies and he realizes he cannot morally live the lifestyle any more. Usually resembling a blood red shadow. Among the Hispanic population, he is known as "Fantasma Rojo", or the "Red Ghost". Abrasive "ladies man" asshole type personality. Quick tempered and aggressive. The "ladies man" thing ends up being a front, as he later gets VERY upset about a certain death (his former DL or secret male cholo gay lover).

One new character would maybe be introduced. My idea was a gal who looks like an average "goth" gal. She would have Gambit's abilities from X Men with the added ability of flight. Maybe call her 'Lilith'. I don't know.

All I thought of so far. I know I'll get lols at some of this, but just putting it out.

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Comment by Shlarg on March 8, 2009 at 6:11pm
You going to bring back Snapper Carr ?



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