The day before yesterday I told my dad that I was an Atheist via txt msg. I'll summarize how the conversation went.

After I told him that he said that he was shocked and asked me why. I recited my de-conversion story and told him that I had also read the Bible and that it was full of contradictions and asked him why he worshiped a god who demands the murder of innocent people. He asked me what I was talking about and I quoted three instances where god wanted people murdered for stupid reasons. He told me that I have to be filled with the spirit of god and can't read the bible with a carnal mind. He went on to say that I wasn't understanding the bible and that I was confused. I asked him how someone could misinterpret "put to death" and to explain what I supposedly wasn't understanding. He said that he would have to talk to me in person. And that in the meantime to keep reading. I went on to tell him about the lie of Christmas. He had no idea where I got my evidence from but that he hopes I change my mind. And yesterday when I asked him why does god support rape, piliage, and slavery his response exactly was "Don't listen to that, sweetie." However he did end with that he respected my decision and that he wasn't going to try to force his beliefs on me and that he loved me regardless. One down, three more to go.

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Comment by Jo Jerome on December 14, 2009 at 1:45pm
--> Nerd: I've found that most every such conversation degrades into "You have to be brainwashed and can't read the bible with an open mind."

Thought the language is usually: "You have to stop being so intellectual and just have faith."
Comment by Jasyn Taylor on December 11, 2009 at 12:25pm
It's hard telling religious parents you no longer believe as they do, I know. At least he is going to respect your decision. I've basically been kicked out of my family.

I hope the road you take leads you to knowledge, understanding, and wonderful feelings of life!
Comment by Jo Jerome on December 10, 2009 at 11:41am
More kudos on coming out Atheist to your dad! It's never really easy no matter how open your loved ones are. And in some families, it's truly better to keep pretending, at least until you're supporting yourself and a few hundred miles away.

I asked him how someone could misinterpret "put to death" and to explain what I supposedly wasn't understanding.

Good answer, and good question. Too often in debates of any kind, it's just an exchange of "Yes it is" - "No it isn't." My favorite way to win an argument (or, see the other person's point of view and maybe even be enlightened enough to change my own mind) is to ask exactly the kind of question you asked. "How am I misinterpreting 'put to death?'"

If you're right, there won't be a clear, rational answer to that.

If the other person does have a good answer, it doesn't hurt to hear it out.

Either way, the other person at least feels you're listening and interested in a two-way conversation. Well, usually. When their point is without a scrap of rational defense they'll often feel backed into a corner by your question. "How dare you ask me to demonstrate my flying machine (that has no chance in hell of ever flying)!"
Comment by Richard Healy on December 10, 2009 at 11:32am
I never did understand the 'you need to read the book with the holy spirit in order to understand it' angle. Do the words change on the page when that happens? Is the rampant immorality only apparent to 'confused people'.

Well done for having the courage to go to your father with how you feel. Takes guts. We're all behind you. :-)
Comment by Richard Healy on December 10, 2009 at 11:29am
A positive conclusion.
Comment by Johnny on December 10, 2009 at 9:59am
aw, that's very good of him. Other people like to pick and choose and put the blinders on. It's nice that he was openminded enough to at least see your point a little and respect the decision.

Maybe something you can add when you go to the rest of your family: 'I need to be convinced and so far I am not. Atheism is the default position that I have until someone gives me some sufficient evidence or quiets all my doubts. It's only fair'

They will then proceed to try and prove it to you. When they can't, you can simply say that it isn't your fault that you don't believe. It is others' fault for not being able to back it up or prove it.

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