It seems that most Christian’s perception of Heaven and its location in the universe is rather clear, compared to their fix on Hell. Heaven is widely thought to be up there, in the sky somewhere – where God, Jesus, and the souls of believers float or fly around, watch over us, and eternally reside in paradise.

On the other hand, although Hell is widely believed to be this fiery, dreadful place of endless pain and suffering, somewhere down below, it doesn’t seem that anyone really envisions this supernatural world below the Earth’s surface. Apparently and curiously, this must be more difficult for many to grasp than the concept of Heaven.

Perhaps it was easier to believe in this underworld early on, when Earth was thought to be flat.

If Christians can so clearly articulate how one gets to Heaven or goes to Hell, but can’t readily describe where Hell is, how can they be so certain about Heaven either? Can one manifest without the other? Perhaps it’s all metaphorical and neither of these places really exists. But, if there’s no Heaven or Hell, where are God and Satan? Perhaps they don’t exist either. What about Jesus and the souls of our ancestors? It makes you wonder.

Actually, I wonder why we still contemplate such nonsense. Perhaps because it also took awhile for the civilized world to accept that Earth is round.

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