Being an atheist and apolitical I find people who believe in conspiracy theories troubled souls. Most of these people have one thing in common. They lead very isolated lives, mostly by choice. They cry wolf so often for every little thing , and they wonder why no one takes them seriously? They shout the sky is falling and point at every possible conspiracy as the cause.  They do not seem to realize everyone that is associated in some way to these claims are their neighbors. One good example is someone I know who subscribes to anti-government theories could point to everyone in my family as co-conspirators. Which of course is silly. My father was a journalist, my brother is a deputy sheriff, my sister is a thespian and I was in the military and now work for state government. All job descriptions which are continuously connected to one conspiracy or another at the local level and beyond. From what I can see after traveling all over the world and our great nation and meeting people of all walks of life, I am convinced most conspiracies exist only in the minds of those who do not understand how things really work beyond their simple life. The world is a big scary messy place and they fear what they do not understand. Fear equals anger then which fuels violence, and individuals then lash out and blow things up. This never works for the benefit of the individual, or for some perceived impossible goal for a group of like minded individuals.  

Our system of government is specially designed to disrupt long standing conspiracies, we have an election cycle and the separation of power. Politics is a nasty business, but someone has to do it. Who that is depends who wants to enter the fray. Who those people are tend to be convinced they can make a difference, but seem to forget the loyal opposition feel just as strongly. Therefore there is a sense of futility within the population when things do not go exactly how they think it should. So many withdraw and sit back and fume over  their situation, go online and discover other malcontents who fuel their angst against the system. It’s easier to blame someone and throw up their hands and pretty much give up because life is one huge conspiracy after another. They are helpless and blameless for their inability to function within their own society.


Too bad so much time is spent on conspiracy theories, for or against. But it seems human nature to go on and on about these distractions. It is difficult to face reality no matter who you are. Its easier to focus on what you can’t fix rather than what you can. Think local, that’s how as an individual can really make a difference. Make a positive contribution to your community. I mean positive not political, for politics is all about self interest and not for the community as a whole.  Even thought this will not directly change the world, at least you might feel better about yourself and hopefully your neighbors too.


I thought posting this on a rationalist site would be stir up some support, but I am surprised by some of the reactions I see from fellow atheists. It's almost like arguing with theists, not matter what you tell them, you will never convince them they are mistaken. Its weird.

It’s like their telling me I had better believe or else. Doesn't that sound familiar?


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