If you were not at the American Atheist convention, you missed the best convention of the year, maybe the decade.  Best one I have been to in terms of content and energy to say nothing of the excitement around the announcements and developments in the community. At 800 or more people, it was easily the best attended.  With what is going on in the community, it is going to get a lot harder for the theocrats to ignore us.  Hope you will all consider attending the Reason Rally in Washington, DC when the dates are announced.  You have a year to start saving your nickels and dimes.  Put all your loose change in a jar for the next 12 months and you will probably have enough to attend and not even miss the money.


If and when they put up JT Eberhard or Gretta Christina's speeches, they are mandatory viewing!  I have never heard such compelling arguments and ideas.  JT and Christina alone were worth the trip. 

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