I just got my Out Campaign pins from the Richard Dawkins site:


I ended up getting the package while my parents were at my dorm. When I opened them I had said the pins were for the American Atheist National Convention so my dad was wondering where his pin was (he thought it was the pass to get in) but I told him I didn't get him one (dad's not an atheist...but he might be after the convention--I would consider him a deist).

I'm still waiting on my Darwin Fish for my car as well at my Atheist Atomic necklace. I shall posts pics of all of all the atheist goodies when I get it all! I can't wait for the convention in Atlanta! I'm hopefully meeting about 3 people from livejournal, 2 of which I am able to speak with frequently on one of the communities we all participate in. I'm thinking of making some nifty Dawkins bookmarks or something like that as gifts but I've got alot to do before I make a 3 hours drive to Augusta on Thursday night to meet up with my dad and then continue another few hours to Atlanta early the next morning. This will also be my first time making such a big trip on my own. Yay for GPS units! I'm nervous but, hey, I can't miss out on seeing Dawkins! His lecture starts at 10am too! I can't be late! I dunno what I am gonna wear! I will have to take a look at my clothes and see what would be appropriate convention attire. I want to make a good impression. Darn you all my Hello Kitty t-shirts! I was also thinking of making a gift (like a drawing) for Dawkins as well....but that might be a bit inappropriate.

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