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John Weaver, a survivor of evangelical treatment facilities himself, has compiled a checklist for those evangelicals that are suffering from a mental illness and who want to seek counselling.
1. If possible, see a Christian psychologist, rather than a biblical counselor or deliverance minister. Ask the counselor specifically if she sees mental illness as a sin, or as being caused by demons. If she does, PLEASE consider seeing a psychologist 2. Avoid therapies like neuroplasticity and biblical counseling that put all success for the therapy on the client's shoulders. These counseling regimens may sometimes work, but their emphasis on sin\responsibility will be problematic for evangelical believers.

3. If you do have a biblical counselor, ask that counselor specifically what mental illnesses she does and does not consider a sin, or if she even believes mental illness exists. I have read evangelical texts that have stated that tourettes, aspbergers, and even autism are caused by sin. Some evangelicals have even implied that fibromyalgia is not a legitimate illness.

4. If you have a secular counselor, make sure to carefully explain evangelical views of mental illness. This will allow your counselor to better negotiate your mental illness and faith issues, respecting both your mental health and your faith.
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The rest of John's posts are well worth reading as well.
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